Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Someone is at last in a Dock!

Leveson inquiry: Rebekah Brooks
We live in a rotten corrupt world. The more than I read and 
research the more that I fear for the future. For the past three decades the public have been manipulated and deceived.  At the highest level countries are being brought to their knees by financiers. Our whole lives have been changed and our society has changed completely all in the name of 'modernisation'.

We no longer trust our police and the police are in disarray because of the pressures heaped upon them. We know longer trust our nurses and they in return are in disarray because of the pressure heaped upon them. Teachers are unhappy in an environment out of their control and it goes on.

A huge society of 'graspers' has been created. People who grasp at every opportunity to rob the public, to earn more than they deserve and to grasp every opportunity to betray the public. They not only betray the public but they also betray their friends and families because they are living a lie.

They are following instructions to betray the public and they are everywhere. They occupy Town Halls (and how), they are union officials, they serve quangos but the vast majority are Civil Servants. I don't mean the lower order; I mean those that gleefully accept the vast bonuses (bribes) for just doing their jobs.

Today some of them were charged with 'perverting the course of justice'! They have been involved in a web of indecency which beggar's belief. Rebekah Wade, in my opinion, can almost be characterised as an arch witch! She was in charge of a mainstream media outlet which frankly could not get lower. Well they did because they hacked the private phones of celebrities (and even murdered kids) and then tried to deny it.

At last we have some of them in the dock on oath and hopefully facing a half decent prosecuting counsel. When Ms Brooks is facing a prison sentence then just perhaps she will release some of the secrets that she has kept for a rainy day. I think that there are a lot of politicians and police officers who might be quaking in their shoes tonight. Will she do time to protect the guilty?

I reckon that the only winner in this matter is ...Ross Kemp!

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