Saturday, 26 May 2012

The Leveson Enquiry

Slowly, almost ponderously, this Enquiry is uncovering the truth. The many and varied links that all our politicians had to News International. The squalid deference that all our leading politicians paid to the Murdoch Empire and now the cover up. The frantic attempts to deceive the public that they did not set up a bomb proof avenue for News International to gobble up BSkyB.

Anybody who has read my scribbles will not be surprised that I am delighted that the fan is whirring and the sticky stuff is randomly being distributed around the corridors of power. It is obvious to anyone vaguely interested that David Cameron has been closely linked to the Murdoch Empire and I believe it will do for him.

He is a smooth operator. Unfortunately if his personal credibility is destroyed and he is soon to face the beak at the Leveson Enquiry then what next for politics in this country? Will it seriously be back to the Miliband geek and the 'muttering idiot'? If so then get ready for utter devastation.

Having said that what has changed under this EU supporting Coalition government? They are borrowing more per annum than the Brown government did so that they can pay their dues to the EU. Immigration still flows unabated and accordingly the crime rate rises even though a criminal is allowed to commit up to 15 crimes before he is allocated a bed in one of our luxury prisons.

The people who have allowed this to happen are tainted at every level. They have already proven that they are corruptible so it is no surprise to discover that many of our leading politicians actively supported News International in their business enterprises. In their world money is 'God' and morals are regarded as weakness. Integrity has no place in modern British politics.

I don't think we have had one leading politician against 'modernisation' (changing the face of the nation) since Margaret Thatcher was deposed by her traiterous colleagues. It would now appear that she was almost the last of the conviction politicians prepared to put country first!

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