Wednesday, 16 May 2012

The Coalition and the Disabled!

I have a dear friend who was once a colleague and we still meet occasionally and correspond often. When she was 18 she was smashed to bits in a car accident which killed two of her friends. She has a magnificent spirit and because of that she recovered to lead a decent life.

As ever however, when people have serious injuries, the problems return as they age and today she walks with the aid of a stick. She cannot work and it is obvious that she cannot work but now she has a problem. Today the government are conducting a campaign against the vulnerable and many of them are really scared. The government is employing a private company to investigate the disabled with the incentive that every person they get off benefits will attract a bonus. I applaud the investigation but reject the bonus incentive because it clearly could have a negative affect.

We all know that there are many cheats in the system. My friend knows of two pensioners who both claim to be carers for each other and get £200 per week as a result. They use it for cruising!!

Is it not about time that the government put into place a system that is effective. We have been waiting for such a system now for a few decades. Why are the most vulnerable of our society a political target? We hear a lot about the efforts of Iain Duncan-Smith to change the system but nothing ever happens.

We need change at ground level. We need medical evidence. Most of those deserving support have huge medical files. The cheats have little medical background and must be challenged. If anyone wants to claim disability benefit we must, as Judge Judy requires, produce the written evidence...the proof.

Far too many people have been allowed to cheat the system courtesy of poor administration. As usual the public servants who have access to huge salaries cannot run a piss up in a brewery! As a result many of our most vulnerable are left fearing for their future. It is a disgrace!    

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