Sunday, 27 May 2012

Syria ...when will our mercenaries be deployed?

I have grave reservations about the situation in Syria. My doubts are based on the premise that Syria is one of the few countries left who do not pay homage to the Rothschild banking industry. We have recently seen the invasions of other countries like Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya ruled by 'dictators' who did not have allegiance to the Rothschild Central banks.

So now the Rothschild controlled media are depicting the slaughter of children in Syria. They have yet to win over this country or Cuba or North Korea. Just think, if you are governing a peaceful society without the assistance of a banking dynasty and then you are faced with that dynasty arming a certain faction of your country with the eventual aim of your destruction. Would you not fight back?

So far the Syrian army is winning. They are beating the bankers. So step forward the mercenaries. The best mercenaries that the bankers have available is ...the British Army! So watch for the announcement soon that the British Army will have to enter Syria to 'free' the people! It is a well rehearsed procedure.   


SAB said...

It's most certainly on the cards! Just heard on the news that someone broke into the Levison enquiry and called Tony Blair a war criminal. Happy days! At least that's one element of truth that's been spoken at this 'enquiry'.

bryboy said...

I was watching when it happened. It was actually the only time that Blair became flustered. They always give him a remarkably cushy ride. Everybody KNOWS that he was a puppet of the Bush regime but nobody wants to nail him! I often wonder why?