Thursday, 31 May 2012

Barack Obama ...Hero or Villain?

I have a link to American Politics. I have to admit that I don't understand all the intricacies of their manoevering and I also do not understand their language. Yes I know that we speak the same tongue but when it become political it has nuances that I do not understand.

There seems to be grave concerns about the proposed actions of the Obama government particularly in its death throes. I cannot judge the implications but I feel obliged to pass on the information. If an act of substantial aggression occurs in or around the time of the Obama regime losing the next election then I have done my duty.

So perhaps people should be reading this and then making up their own minds. If there is a drone threat (which I question) then surely in the USA there are sufficient balances and checks to prevent an outrage?

Then surely we felt that about 9/11? Someone, somewhere, allowed Islamic terrorists to hijack so many commercial planes and fly them into the twin towers. Please do not tell me that officialdom did not assist them because I will not believe that. If that can happen once in the States then it can happen again. 

There is genuine fear in America. They realise that their politicians cannot be trusted. Their own President appears to be ineligible for the position and he appears to have backing from people in the shadows. We live in a murky world!


bewick said...

You night also like to see this Bryboy

Relates to the doubts about Obama's nationality. Hope this doesn't bring "monkeyboy" down from his tree

bryboy said...

By the time that I got there Bewick it had been taken down. Signs of the time eh?

bewick said...

not so Bryboy. It is still there