Saturday, 19 May 2012

Parenting Classes at Public Expense

So parenting classes are the order of the day at taxpayer's expense just like everything else. I have to  admit our politicians are consistent. They continually ignore public opinion and common sense and more often than not renege on their promises. I well remember in the run up to the last election how often David Cameron promised to support married couples.

He has not done so because it would have been the right thing to do but when your whole aim is to 'change' society in accordance with the wishes of the puppet masters then you will not be allowed to support marriage as it is the bedrock of our society.

The decline of our society almost began when young, uneducated, girls from poor families were encouraged to bring unwanted babies into the world because the government rewarded them with benefits and accommodation. It condemned most of them to a life at the lower end of the social scale but no matter because they did not need to work for a living.

The consequences on society however have been catastrophic. We have spawned a sub culture where children are arriving at primary school not only unable to communicate but not potty trained either! The sub culture is now almost third and fourth generation with a host of thirty year old grannies and rarely a father in sight!

It is really about time that we found a government willing to reverse the trend and stop giving these feckless parents all that they need apart from a sense of responsibility. I agree with the parenting classes but they should be a punishment for proven neglect and compulsory. Failure to comply should mean loss of benefits and their children. It is time to get tough...for the sake of the children if nothing else.

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