Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Votes for Prisoners?

jailThe European Courts of Human Rights (ECHR) has decided to impose an edict on Westmonster that prisoners in the UK should be allowed to vote in future elections. Westmonster has already voted on this issue and overwhelmingly rejected it. We will soon discover that our own MPs are actually irrevelant and actually have no power whatsoever as most of our laws emanate from Brussels.

We must remember that the ECHR is actually a collection of unelected nobodies from a variety of small countries who normally would have no influence on the British way of life. I also suspect that most of the prison population probably have little interest in voting so why the conflict?

It is just another opportunity to show the British people that they no longer have any choice in how they live. Every decision on every issue seems to be against public opinion. It is of course all done with the connivance of the vast majority of our MPs particularly those on the front benches and almost every public official in a senior position. There used to be an old fashioned word for most of them but now using the modern vernacular there are quite a few words to describe them.

The whole point of a prison sentence is to withdraw privileges from those who have committed crimes against society. Wearily most of these privileges have gradually been returned so that life 'inside' is for most of the inmates far more comfortable than they can expect outside of the system.

Still what is the actual problem? Most of us are now well aware that elections are irrelevant. There is no difference between the three main parties. They all refuse to stop wasting taxpayers' money and the largest waste is our daily contribution to Brussels and the ECHR. We may as well give prisoner's the vote because frankly we are in such a mess it simply doesn't matter!


Bill d'Sarse said...

Nice to see that the UKs sole representative (and the president) at the ECHR is a eurocrat to the core.

bryboy said...

Nicely put Bill. He is typical of the Rothschild recruits. Nice family, educated privately, identified as approachable and then sent to the States for indoctrination at a well established university. Only David Cameron bucks the trend but then he married into the Illuminati so what the hell!