Monday, 21 May 2012

The Olympic Torch

I have been amazed that some Olympic torch carriers have been flogging their torches on E Bay. I am not amazed by the act, because so far there has been so much sleaze associated to these commercially orientated London Olympics, but by the lack of tradition.

The London Olympic Committee has completely rearranged the tradition of these games. There was one torch passed in a relay by athletes who gave the impression that they had a right to carry a flame which symbolised athletic achievement.

Today the flame is being detoured around Britain in an attempt to get the nation involved in what has been largely a London only Olympics. There have been people struggling to jog 300 yards accompanied by a posse of police and the whole process only serves to make the nation look ridiculous.

Now we discover that hundreds of these torches have been produced and some of the nominated carriers have followed the example of LOCOG and profited from their involvement in The London Games. They may be lower down the food chain but the intent is the same.

This morning the flame went out when it was attached to a wheelchair. Further comment would be inadvisable.

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