Thursday, 17 May 2012

The London Olympics - How Great is the Threat?

There have been constant references recently to the threat of an attack on the London Olympics. Various media commentators have been speculating about this possibility even suggesting that it could be a 'dirty' bomb transported up the Thames. I have always believed that this type of attack was unlikely because too many of our leading politicians would probably be 'in the know' and they would be caught up in it.

Then I read that court hearings were being cancelled for a period during the Olympics. Shortly after that I hear that Civil Servants were being encouraged to 'work from home' during the Olympics. The natural conclusion is that traffic in London during the Games will be unbearable so it is common sense to reduce the flow of workers flooding into the capital.

We were then informed that surface to air missiles launching sites were being installed on the roofs of civilian buildings.  I then came across this article where a number of seemingly unconnected events are being linked together. Finally I digested yet another article which has finally convinced me that I will stay at home in my armchair in front of the telly with my fingers tightly crossed!

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