Sunday, 13 May 2012

Is there a New Game in Town?

During the time that I have been writing this blog I have heard from many interesting people and have ventured down many avenues of discovery. Time after time however, I arrive at the same conclusion that the modern world is under a huge malign influence. It has led me to the conclusion that I cannot trust any of the leading modern figureheads. Most of them have created a huge governmental apparatus protected by the police and as such have changed almost every western democracy into police states largely akin to East Germany.

At present almost every western European country and the United States are mired in unprecedented debt. This debt is threatening to destroy entire countries but how has it been created? Who is lending these countries unspeakable sums which in some cases will never be paid back.

On every occasion the trail leads back to the Rothschild banking empire. It is very difficult to pin down the scale of the problem but I read recently that only three countries in the world, North Korea, Iran and Cuba are not dependent on a Rothschild Central Bank. Up until 9/11 there were more which included Libya, Afghanistan, Syria, Sudan and Iraq. Can you see where this is leading?

On 23 August 2011 I speculated on why Colonel Gadaffi had become a target for The Powers That Be. I have no insider knowledge and I have no friends in politics but it seemed pretty obvious why the leader of Libya was following Saddam Hussein. Neither of them would join the club.

In 2008 Iceland faced a huge financial crisis caused by corrupt banking practice and poor government. At the time they were on the verge of applying for membership of the EU. The Icelanders have reacted superbly and done what all countries should do. They replaced their government with 'real people', arrested the bankers and organised a repayment scheme to debtors. You can read about it here.

On the surface it appears that they have rejected the Rothschild approach to finance and elected an impartial government committed to their people. They are surviving without the EU which according to most of our mainstream politicians is not possible! 

Perhaps some of our western politicians should realise that historically borrowing from the Rothschild empire is not a good idea. Perhaps we should invent a new game in town and try to rub along without their 'assistance'. First however we must find people who are prepared not to be corrupted.

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