Sunday, 6 May 2012

George Osborne

George Osborne appeared on the 'Andrew Marr' show this morning and in a few chosen words summed up why this modern Conservative party has lost so much support. He has no connection with the conservative support  and proved it by declaring that even out of coalition they would continue with 'socially progressive' policies.

This is the language of an arch moderniser. It is the same language used by Nick Clegg (LibDem) and Ed Miliband (Labour). The problem is that George Osborne is labelled a 'Conservative', he stood for election as a 'Conservative and he did not mention 'socially progressive' policies in his election manifesto. He did not mention that he wanted socialist policies when they were spouting off about a 'British Bill of Rights' and a 'bonfire of quangos'.

When asked about the thorn in the flesh of the 'arrogant posh boys', Nadine Dorries, he confessed that she had always been against 'the modernisation' of the Conservative party and pretty much anything done by the Tory leadership (note the sneeky way he slipped in the final word). Well of course she is George because she is a conservative! Why join a political party when you don't agree with their policies? If it isn't broken then don't change it! This abject Chancellor does not appear to know what he believes in. He just wants to change 'things' because someone has told him to.

He preaches 'austerity' but ducked the accusation that he is still borrowing more than the Brown government borrowed. They must continue to borrow billions if they want to pursue their 'socialist' International Aid programme or continue to prop up the ailing and undemocratic EU. If we ceased throwing money on failing societies we could afford to support the people who are taxed to the hilt to pay for it all.

The electorate have all but given up on the politicians. In one miserable performance George Osborne proved that Nadine Dorries  understands that under his direction we are a lost nation. We desperately need a revolution from within and then the real Tory MP's will see their support return. If they do not rid themselves of the Cameron/Osborne leadership cabal most of them will not be polishing the backbenches after 2015 they will be polishing park benches.

If you don't believe me then read some other right wing journalists here and here. The message is generally the same. If the Chancellor genuinely believed that his policies were honest then he would not have to 'spin' anything. People know when they are being conned and they know who is speaking the truth. Nadine Dorries now needs some backing from many of her colleagues.

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