Sunday, 20 May 2012

Barack Obama WAS born in Kenya!

Can you believe it? All the flak, all the abuse, from so many people because it has been suggested that Barack Obama was not born in the United States and therefore was ineligible for the Presidency has been proven correct! Don't take my word for it just read what his own literacy agent said back in 1991. It has ever been thus. If you live a lie somebody will discover the truth.

So what now for the American constitution? Does anyone really think that he will say 'Hands up guys, I lied and I should not be in the job?' It won't happen and the reason that it won't happen is that democracy in the United States is a sick joke. It is also a sick joke across here in the UK 

Both their mainstream political parties play to the tune of the bankers because only those who are incredibly wealthy can win an American election. The fact that Barack Obama is a total fraud and has a VERY dodgy revolutionary background is irrelevant. He represents the banking fraternity so he is bomb proof. Nobody in the USA has the power to challenge and impeach this President even though they all know that in a democratic country he would be removed.

So now you have it! Make of it what you will. We are mere pawns in this power game but isn't it just nice to know that these absolute bastards are not as clever as they think they are? Well of course they are clever because millions of people accept their diktats and never bat an eyelid. 

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