Tuesday, 1 May 2012

The England Manager

Could Roy Hodgson be the next England manager?
Roy Hodgson
So once again the Football Association has ignored the wishes of the public and against all advice has decided to appoint Roy Hodgson as the national team manager. His record indicates that he has vast experience and a fair amount of success but in my opinion he does not have the 'Mourinho' factor or dare I say it the 'Redknapp' factor!

The FA have form. They do not like free spirits. They do not like inspirational managers because inspirational managers create problems. They do not follow orders or respect position. They win football matches and gather the players around them. They develop a team mentality and natural winners only care about one thing. Winning is the only game in town. Politics has nothing to do with winning and of course that is why Brian Clough was never entertained despite his extraordinary record. 

Alf Ramsey won us the World Cup in an era before politicians became all powerful. He was allowed to be himself and manage the team as he saw fit. He dropped Jimmy Greaves at the eleventh hour for Geoff Hurst and was proven correct. Can you imagine Roy Hodgson dropping Wayne Rooney for say Peter Crouch?   

I fear that once again we have deja vous. The obvious candidate has been ignored for a guy who frankly probably cannot believe his luck. At this late stage he now has his old age secured. He only has to produce a winning team. Simple innit!!


bewick said...

Totally off topic Bryboy. I have an apparently genuine letter from a voter to Cameron and Miilepede. I rather think you might agree with what it says. Can't post though because it exceeds the 4096 characters and I really don't wish to crop. I COULD send in two bits though

SAB said...

Yeah send it in 2 bits. Sounds interesting :-)

I agree about the FA, true to form. Let's get behind the new guy though, hopefully the press will get off his back as well. They're already making fun of him, their negativity is often to blame as well.

Bill d'Sarse said...

The FA realy isn't interested in football. It's money, money and even more money. The marketing aspects, TV deals and sponsorship are the be all and end all of FA decisions.

It's only when the media calling for the head of the England manager that the FA react and that's only because their income will start to diminish if he stays in post.

Roy will be gone within a year having won nothing and the press will be blamed for it when it's the FA's fault for employing him in the first place. He wan't care though, he'll have a few million in the bank. The FA won't care, they'll have even more millions in the bank and the poor bloody supporters won't even get a look in.

SAB said...

Yep that just about hits the nail on the head.

bryboy said...

Wow sorry guys I have been distracted by the death of a former military colleague. Tks to you all for your interest. Bewick my friend send it whatever way you can and of course it will be treated with the respect that this blog treats it's friends.

bryboy said...

Hello Bill d'Sarse, welcome to my humble home. I cannot disagree with your assessment of the set up. We all know that our best managers have for decades been sidelined for commerce. Clearly 'Arry would not accept the party line and so we have lost our best chance of major success. I wish Roy all the best but I am afraid he is a 'company' man and we need a maverick!

bewick said...

I have sent it - 3 parts in the end - and it is more suitably posted to the post on the elections.