Tuesday, 8 May 2012

David Cameron now has a problem!

Now David Cameron has a problem. He must choose between the electorate and his masters. He must try and woo the Conservative backbenchers and yet he must try and woo the Conservative hard liners but he cannot do both because he has his orders from above...the very people who engineered his appointment.  You know the same people who champion modernisation, multiculturalism and almost every other 'ism' available to man.

Make no mistake David Cameron was tactically placed to be the Prime Minister of this country. He came from nowhere to lead the Conservative party because, until he deprived David Davis of his natural legacy, nobody had ever heard of him. What I will never understand is why David Davis accepted his defeat with such good grace and has left the right wing attack to Nadine Dorries.

I just wonder if she is just a fall person. Is she is being put up to distract the public from what is really happening? Maybe I am being optimistic because as I approach 70 I really hope that I will see common sense in government before I pop my clogs. 

The European Union is a dead duck. They transferred Moscow to Brussels and so many mainstream politicians fell into line because they were paid to do so. Even the Queen (sorry you royalists) fell into line and reneged on her coronation oaths. If she had said 'No' then it would never had happened. She could have stopped the EU with one word but regrettably chose not to!

The Tory party is in disarray. The grass roots are right wing and nationalistic because they are, like Nadine Dorries, true conservatives. The leadership are not Tories because they are actually closet socialists paid for by the EU (and the Rothchilds/Astors) so where do we go from here? 

The eurosceptic Tories should realise that they are now in the wrong party. Well no that is wrong ... their leadership is now in the wrong party so grass roots Tories should work on replacing the leadership. Nadine Dorries has stuck her head above the parapet but the leadership ignore her, in fact they treat her with contempt.

I hear that young conservatives are defecting in droves. The rank and file should be very careful because if they do not get a grip they will lose their seats. The LibDems have been destroyed by Nick Clegg. They will never recover. The Tories could win a landslide majority if they ditched their leadership. The charade today was desperate. Two posh boys clinging onto power but not knowing what to do with it.

We need conviction politicians. They are there but they need to be heard. They will not be heard whilst the BBC hire Labour leaning employees. It is a scandal! For any public service to be so partisan is unbelievable. We have a Conservative led government that tolerates this socialist bias. It really beggars belief. It cannot continue.

We have recently heard much about politicians who have got too close to News International but how about an inquiry into those who are too close to the Rothschilds/ Astors? Or should we not have an inquiry into those close to both the Rothschilds/Astors and News International? Ah that would be interesting...wouldn't it Mr Cameron?

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