Monday, 14 May 2012

The European Union is doomed!

Most of the past 30 years I have dreamt of the collapse of the EU. It now appears inevitable and yet the misery it will bring fills me with despair. The reason for this is my recent discovery of the power of the Rothschilds. They have been manipulating world events for some 300 years or so and now they clearly have a plan to dissolve the economy of every western democracy. 

I believe that it will begin in Greece but continue throughout Europe and we will not be immune. It appears to have been planned and preordained. Nothing appears to be able to halt this collapse and we should all prepare for an awful period of austerity. I have a firmly held belief that we may in the next five years be reduced to barter.

The European Union is the brainchild of the Rothschild banking dynasty. It was created to reduce the power of the western democracies. I am unable to predict the evil intentions of this all powerful New World Order but it will change all our lives. 

On the surface we maintain an orderly, civilised society. Most of the population have no idea that their lives could be disrupted irrevocably very soon. Greece is such a long way from our shores and so is Iran. These countries have nothing to do with us but I believe in history that they will play a major part in the future.

Just remember prior to the banking collapse under Gordon Brown even the Bank of England did not warn us of the impending disaster. The Bank of England belongs to the Rothschilds. Every country in the EU borrows money from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) which belongs to the Rothschilds! Every UK government in recent history borrows money from the Rothschilds to grant Foreign Aid to poorer countries. We don't have that money we borrow it! 

We also borrow all the money to remain in the EU. We borrow it from the Rothschilds and then give it back to them. Currently we owe them a trillion pounds to belong to their club! Good scheme eh?

Common Purpose and every Quango belongs to the Rothschilds so every official employed by every quango and probably every local authority owe their excessive salaries to the Rothschilds. They have corrupted almost all walks of life but most of the people that they head hunted believe that they had been selected for their skill and not because they were corruptible.

It is evil genius at work. It has worked for centuries but it is only since 9/11 that they have almost fulfilled their probable ambitions of ruling the world. Since they engineered the invasions of Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya and recently Syria the invasion of the world is almost complete. These were the only countries that the Rothschilds had failed to conquer economically.  Only North Korea, Cuba and Iran now stand in their way. One has to ask if the Twin Towers were spectacularly brought down by banking ambitions?

We all feel sympathy for the rebels in Syria but please remember that the media is owned by the Rothschilds. They pay the rebels to rebel and then blame the regime for their reaction. The government of Syria is trying to keep the Rothschilds at bay and yet the people are being paid to shed blood like they did in Libya. In my opinion they are being paid to die so that a Central Bank can be installed in Syria.

Prior to the rebellion in Libya that country had no sovereign debt. Colonel Gadaffi ruled supreme but he spent the money on the Libyans and did not need the Rothschilds. After the conflict we now have the Central Bank of Benghazi! Nuff said!  Heh all I am trying to do is provoke someone somewhere to think outside of the box. We could be in a lot more trouble than we think. I am already growing vegetables!

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Nick said...

Amen to that!
My house is on sale and we, sorry, I hope to buy a small farm close to our current location, although my wife thinks I'm mad for this planning.