Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Douglas Carswell and a Private Member's Bill

Douglas Carswell is one of the leading Euro sceptics who is a true Conservative. He continually harangues the government on all aspects of their EU membership. Now out of the blue he has been granted a private members bill. That means that he can propose a bill close to his heart and put it in front of his parliamentary colleagues. Of course it has no chance of being adopted because the 'socialists' in the Conservative party will follow their leader's direction. He is by inclination a LibDem so any radical bill has little chance of acceptance.

Guido Fawkes runs probably the largest 'blog' on the planet and he has suggested five proposals and wants us all to vote on them. Every one of them emphasises that the 'Pastytax' nonsense exposes the Coalition to ridicule. They are clearly not addressing the desires of the public. I personally would vote for all five (most of us would) so now we can assume that the government of today is as usual light years away from public opinion.

When Guido Fawkes can highlight five causes which Douglas Carswell can propose and I could think of at least another five which would benefit Britain then is it not about time that we had a referendum on our membership of this corrupt, destructive, undemocratic, stain on our society? 

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