Tuesday, 29 May 2012


The atrocity has been committed. The body bags containing children shown by the world wide media. Our Foreign Secretary appears in public with his 'grave' face set demanding that measures should be taken against the Assad regime.

There is just one little inconvenient fact missing. Nobody yet knows who committed the atrocity? They were not killed by bombs but someone entered homes and shot in the kids in their own houses.  What would the Assad government gain by doing this? It would only ensure that the rest of the world would put President Assad into the same category as Saddam Hussein and Colonel Gadaffi and we all know what happened to them.

The Syrian government continue to complain about the 'tsunami of lies' being told about their actions but of course nobody will listen to them. Not when the people who control the world's media want you to believe otherwise.  I am prepared to admit that I could be wrong but I have read the history books and this scenario is all too familiar.


bewick said...

Cannot agree more Bryboy. There are some (in) famous stories and even films about atrocities supposedly committed by the Israelis in Gaza. At least one such was proven to be totally staged and the boy “shot dead by Israelis” was then seen laughing and climbing into a car in the uncut version of the film (by French film-makers). There are many similar stories. Including Hamas and Hezbollah, in particular, killing their own and blaming the Israelis or others not of their faith. Bottom line is, as you say, that we just don’t know. Reporters are only allowed to see and hear, and report, what the protagonists want them to see and hear and report.
Hague, and the whole of the West, never learn. The much lauded “Arab Spring” is rapidly turning into an Islamist “Arab Winter”. Turkey is moving away from the secularist state, created by Kemal Ataturk, and rapidly become a reconstituted islamic state under Erdogan. He, no doubt, wishes to re-create the Ottoman Empire and install a Caliph. He as much as said so, on a visit to Germany. We are nearly there. Soon, the whole coast of the Southern and Eastern Mediterranean will consist of Islamic states. It is reported that some Moroccans are already planning to reconquer Spain for Islam. Taken with Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, and Pakistan, only Syria and Jordan prevent the creation of a huge contiguous land area governed by Islam. To even consider helping this to happen is crass stupidity. A despot with little religious motivation is far preferable to another despot imposing a religion which even decrees how one should wipe one’s backside! Fewer people get killed.
Were we right to intervene in Bosnia/Kosovo? I wonder. Did the Christian Serbs commit more atrocities than the Muslims? I do not know but only Serbs are being prosecuted.
Finally the UN is now a total joke but that is another subject.

bewick said...

For the record I can best be described as a nominal Christian. I objected to the BBC that they were not reporting the persecution of Christians in Egypt, Pakistan, and elsewhere. Guess what? "Not sufficiently newsworthy" was essentially their answer. I guess that fits with their regular use of "Asian" or "man". The rape of a Sikh girl by a muslim in Luton must have caused heart attacks. They overcame that by saying Sikh but NOT Muslim. They couldn't this time use "asian".

bryboy said...

Tks Bewick...it is always enlightening to view your contribution to this blog. You and I question the news but it really concerns me that so many just swallow the stories. Nobody in local politics seems to want to address the wholesale introduction of so many Muslims imported into this country. It is left to the BNP and the EDL who are too easy to discredit and yet so areas in Leicester resemble Islamabad.

Syria is a last bastion in the Middle East. Assad is now under the same pressure that Saddam Hussein and Gaddafi felt. If Syria falls then North Korea is next and finally Sudan and Cuba.

Too many of our mainstream politicians are too easily corruptible. The Leveson Inquiry is proving it on almost a daily basis. It is a shambles. Our government is a shambles. Politics in this country has become a joke because so many of our politicians have been corrupted by their allegiance to the EU!