Thursday, 10 May 2012

Nigel Farage

I always keep an eye open on the speeches that Nigel Farage makes to the European Parliament. He really socks it to them and personally I cannot dispute a word that he says. The glum looks on the faces of the sparse audience reflect that the truth really hurts these europhiles. Their delusionary plans to dominate Europe are falling apart and here he explains why!

How I would love to hear him in Westmonster!


Sackerson said...

Trouble is, his grandstanding may put off as many or more voters as he attracts. Which is a shame.

bryboy said...

Sackerson welcome to my humble home. You could be right because there are times when he sounds a bit too full of himself but in my opinion he is the only option if we are to retain a democratic system. Tks for your unput.

bryboy said...

Sorry unput was clearly an error!