Monday, 28 May 2012

Gay Marriage

I cannot see the point in gay marriage. I have no real view about it as it just doesn't interest me but why in this modern age, where so many heterosexual couples cannot be bothered to secure their relationships, do gay people want to 'marry'? I privately believe that it is just another political agenda designed to promote 'modernisation' that seeks out any cause which will alter the balance of decent society.  

It follows on from all the other political movements introduced to destabilize society which have begun with a 'fairness' agenda and descended into minority groups dictating terms to the majority.  It is sometimes difficult to consolidate the scale of these movements but they are summed up here  

The aim of most of the movements have been to disrupt society and many are also aimed against the tenets of Christianity. They are all part of a plan by the New World Order (bankers, media moguls and industrialists) to change western civilised society. They achieve their aims because the public are generally apathetic and comfortable. That is why the changes in modern society now mean that tracing a family tree will be almost impossible in the future.

All the moral standards of yesteryear have been stripped away and consequently there will soon become a situation where brother will 'marry' sister and neither will know of their close relationship. If you just take a moment to see what these people have achieved it should really concern you.

If you want reality then just watch 'Judge Judy' where case after case is being fought between people who have had numerous short term sexual relationships resulting in many children. The women are invariably obese slags and the men irresponsible shysters. 

It is a culture introduced at the lowest end of society which is gradually spreading upwards. Standards unthinkable 50 years ago are now regarded as normal behaviour. There appears to be no stopping the descent into the gutter and even the church authorities do not appear to have a voice.

I just wondered where it would go next and up popped 'Gay Marriage'. This old man just shakes his head and wonders how his granddaughters will cope with the future. They will probably cope better than me because they will never been part of a 'decent' society. 

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