Friday, 11 May 2012

5000 Visitors??

I began this blog out of total frustration that I did not have a voice. I well remember sitting down in January 2008 linking into and thinking well bugger it! 

Along the way I have made mistakes. I have posted things that I regret but I have always posted honestly held beliefs. I regret that at one time I thought the BNP might have value. I still think that many of the BNP supporters are genuine but the leadership has let them down. 'Nuff said!

I also have to say that I regret my spat with a regular contributor who called himself 'Harbinger'. His reaction made me realise that he was probably a genuine visitor and not as I thought a troll. If he sees this I apologise but I do ask him/her to allow for another opinion. 

The great joy of this blog has been the friends that I have made who visit me time after time. It has also become a discussion point amongst my friends at my local sports club and then I seem to have a following from Alaska!! Could it be Sarah Palin? 

Yes I am fanatically right wing. I remember the decent days of our society when we played in the parks and streets without danger and were protected by the police. I find it tragic that my grandchildren are so restricted and cannot enjoy the freedom of adventure. The politically correct agenda which has been imposed on the public by an authority which none of us have access to is soul destroying and is meant to be.

None of us can understand how our country has seemingly been overtaken by events and people who we have never elected but who appear to be so important. You know Bankers, Civil Servants and Town Hall Fatcats.  I am beginning to believe that the root of all our problems can be found here. Unfortunately you must take some time to read it but when you do it will rewrite history for you.

Other than that I thank you all for your interest. I will continue to express my jaundiced views and hope that more people will come to my humble house!


NewsboyCap said...


Congratulations for the 5000, hears to the next however many thousands.
There is some interesting, thought provoking stuff in your link, thanks for that.

Nick said...

After reading the timeline of the Rothschild's I feel quite nauseous. I knew some of the stuff contained within it,i.e.. the Warterloo incedent and most of the Rothschild quotes, but I had no idea they were so deeply involved in Israel. Thanks for the informative post.

I used to read Harbingers blog and thought some of his posts were rather "strong" shall we say!

Although I never criticised them, I would also like to apologise to H for doubting his research. Sorry H, I'll buy you a pint if we ever meet.

Victor's Brother. Have you ever come across the name John Ryde?

bewick said...

"Right wing" Bryboy? I don't think so - unless that is you are, and you are, against the far left. Most of us are but the electoral system somewhat confuses our intentions. Accept the manifesto, complete with warts, or don't vote. No real choices.
Remember the promise of a EU referendum? Where did that go? Lost in a morass of quasi legal excuses.
I SO remember a once hated teacher, whom I later came to respect, always saying "where there's a will there's a way". She was right. Cameron doesn't have the "will".

I'm totally with you on Farage, perhaps the only politician, apart from Daniel Hannan, who tells it how it is. Remember though that all parties lend their support to the thuggish UAF and Searchlight Fascist "anti-fascists"

bewick said...

I left off because blogger gives no clue to characters used but has a limit of 4096.
In the 19th century there were 2 parties - the "Whigs" (today's liberals) and Tories. It changed. It can change again.
MOST stick to their voting pattern through fear. We "floaters" are few.
I would urge ALL Tory voters to vote UKIP next time because their policy on Europe is what the majority want. The rest of their policies? Well maybe OK but we could have ditched them if not - except Cameron seems to have "fixed" parliamentary terms.
Whatever the Tories need a REAL fright.
BNP is described by the MSN as "far right wing". In fact it is far LEFT wing for most of its policies. EDL "far right"? Eh? They have but ONE policy which is against islamisation. They claim not to be even against muslims in general. Just islamisation.

bewick said...

Oh. Forgot to say. IF you want to see the full manifesto of any party so that you can compare, and choose, then you must pay for each - total probably £100 and they call this "democracy"? It is a cruel joke.
I so well remember working for a major Local Authority in the 70s. 50+% of the electorate lived in council houses and a good proportion of those were on benefit. Labour ALWAYS won at elections. 'nough said.
Except Brown relied on the likes of "that bigoted woman" Gillian Duffy for votes. I doubt Cameron. Clegg, Miliband think differently. That is they don't listen and it is all about ego and power - but only for them. Keep the peasants just in check.

bewick said...

Final point, promise, is that all Labour and Liberal voters who want out of the EU should also vote UKIP. Otherwise we will have a very "hung" parliament or, more likely, another 4 or 5 years of Labour financial ruination.
Sadly it ain't going to happen but I can hope. Even more sadly it will take the Murdoch and other MSN empires to persuade.
The next election should become the de facto "referendum"

GrumpyRN said...

Congratulations Bryan, 5000 you say, and even 1 from Alaska.
I'm not quite that far away and as for politics I tend to be a bit left of centre, the part that labour used to have before the trotskyites. Now at least we have the SNP up here - populist and popular.

I may not agree with everything you say but keep saying it and I will chip in my tuppence worth every so often. Here's to the next 5000.

bewick said...

New topic. Abu Qatada.
Theresa May has been pilloried in the MSN over the "date". She claims that this was checked by her Civil Servants. I'm sure it was and I'm also sure that the European Court people also checked before giving their advice.
Problem seems to be the stated "3 months" - a VERY imprecise term which is subject to legal interpretation.
It might be 3 months by date, it might be 12 weeks, it might be 90 days. It even might be corrupted by 29th February.
The FAULT lies with the European Court for being so imprecise that even their own officials got it wrong. Can such a Court be trusted given that they fail to recognise the importance of preciseness? Answered my own question.

The garden has dried out now so I'm finally off.

Bill said...

It's Sunday tomorrow and as you are in reflective mood have a butchers at Stefan Molyneux's video on this page and use your Sunday to reflect on his take on what we have allowed to happen... on our watch.

bryboy said...

Tks to all for your input. Sorry I havde been so tardy in acknowledging your encouragement. Bowls takes up a lot of time! Nick I had never heard of John Ryde but I am now on the case. Is he the Newbold Verdon John Ryde?

Bewick you are as usual correct the BNP are left wing.

GRN we are quite close in many ways. The problem I find is that I have not got anyone representing ME anymore. My socialist past which emanated from Motherwell seems to have disappeared in the modern political spectrum.

Finally Bill that was a good steer. Here is a man after my own heart and...what a lot of sense. I would recommend that video to everyone. We have to wake up!

Nick said...

Yes, he was from Newbold Verdon.
He was my father in law. Sadly he died early this year.
A very intelligent man who also felt let down by the leadership of the BNP.
Certainly not a hater of people or cultures but he was disgusted with the direction the country was taking.
My only reason for mentioning him was to provide an example of your point about good people being let down.

Anyway. Congratulations and please keep it up.