Thursday, 17 May 2012

You really need to know about this!

On 13 May I highlighted the rescue of Iceland from their corrupt government and the bankers who brought the economy of the country to its knees. They have recovered their country by withdrawing their application to join the EU and following common sense well proven policies which benefit their country. I have often posted that our economy was almost slaughtered by New Labour on three accounts. We gave too much to the EU, we gave ridiculous amounts of International Aid to (a) countries that did not need our largesse and (b) to African despots who just bought up huge fashionable areas of Paris and we allowed the British Army to become a mercenary force for banking ambitions.

I discovered just one report on the financial recovery of Iceland reported in The Independent. Now I have found another which details the whole story. I guide you towards it because it proves that prudent and honest government, free from the corrupt, unelected European Union is the way forward. Don't believe these mainstream politicians when they try to scare you into believing that we cannot survive alone. 

Just remember none of them told you about Iceland because that is exactly what we should be doing here. Many of our bankers should be serving prison sentences and we should be replacing our government with non partisan patriots (if we can find any).

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