Sunday, 27 May 2012

Baroness stupid!

We live in a society created by a power that we, down here on planet Earth, have little access to. What we must learn to do is cope with the hand that we have been dealt. We did not deal the cards but we must learn to play them.

In the UK today we have at least four suites jostling for position at the moment. We have the indigenous population who pay all the bills and yet appear to come bottom the the heap. We have the Jewish community who also pay their way but who belong to some kind of secret society emanating from Israel. They are here but in what disguise?

Then we have the Caribbean/African community who seem to specialise in religion or crime. They are on one hand a colourful, happy group but then we have the scum of the earth. The black community are responsible for so much of the dreadful criminality which pervades our society. Nobody can deny that although so many try.

Then finally and most significantly we have the Muslim population. They are driven by a religion which I do not understand. I have met lovely Muslim people and yet I find myself inherently unable to trust them. I sometimes feel seriously uncomfortable every time I see their flagship ... the headscarf. Why do they have to identify themselves in this way. OK..the burka is for the extremists but why do they have to wear a headscarf to identify themselves as 'religious'.

That is why it is so important that any of these 'community' leaders tread carefully. We are a fragile society. In my opinion if you make a living from being a 'community leader' then you must be utterly honest. There are no half measures. If you represent your people then you cannot afford slips ups. 

So now we have the only female Muslim cabinet minister, Baroness Warsi, accused of fiddling her expenses? How could she be so stupid? How could she be so naive? How could she confirm what so many of us think of her people? No that is wrong; I must resist the temptation to stereotype but it is becoming increasingly difficult when so often it is proven to be correct!   

Once again however, it places the spotlight on David Cameron. How come so many of his 'choices' let him down? Time after time his personal 'picks' subsequently are proven to be dodgy. My old mum used to say to me judge a man by his friends. Surely 'Call me Dave' is not purely a poor judge of character? He is far too astute and he has selected his support staff on their 'merits'. Hm!

The walls are closing in Mr Cameron.

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