Sunday, 30 October 2011

The Rebel Politicians

This is a quick post in response to an anonymous comment that recently appeared on my blog. Clearly, whoever he is, disagreed with my most recent post on the 'rebel' politicians, not in the most elegant manner, but this is a broad church. I therefore did a bit of research and came up with this blog!

I have never pretended that I know all the answers and I have no political knowledge or back up. I write this blog so in years to come my grandchildren can read back what Grandad said years before the event. I know right from wrong and I have witnessed a dreadful destruction of our democratic way of life by traiterous politicians.

So by way of retribution to anyone who thinks that I have misjudged the rebels let me just say one more time that the stance of this blog is unequivocal. I am not interested in renegotiating any of the terms within the EU. The UK must withdraw from the EU because that is the only way that we will regain our country.

I personally believe that in order to achieve that, someone, somewhere will be manning barricades. I don't want it but I believe that history will be repeated again and again and the Political Class never learns from it because they are always driven by greed provided by the bankers.

Once again I recommend that you revisit history! Read it and translate it into modern times. Look at the way that the finance of the world is being manipulated. Suddenly the most powerful financial influences for decades throughout the modern world are being systematically destroyed. The United States is selling government bonds to China? The Western European countries (except Germany and France) are all utterly broke, so broke that they are having to go cap in hand to... China?  The emerging economies are India, Brazil and ...China?

Please don't tell me that someone with grotesque influence is not hell bent on changing the demography of the world. It is happening!

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