Saturday, 15 October 2011

The 'Occupy' Movement

The 'occupy' movement began when I visited Florida with the family a few weeks ago. I heard about in on Fox news but there has been precious little publicity this side of 'the pond'.

It is driven by the modern social media outlets like 'Twitter' and 'Facebook' that are difficult to monitor. Apparently today the 'occupy the Stock Exchange' campaign drew a moderate crowd  but reports describe an 'occupy' plan in Rome as turning violent.

This is the point because the young need a rallying flag. It is their future that the politicians, the bankers and the lawyers are wrecking. They are the people with the energy and motivation to fight for their futures. I know that their education has been pathetically dumbed down particularly with regard to history, general knowledge and current affairs but it is impossible to dumb down a whole generation.

The 'occupy Wall Street' initiative has now lasted many weeks and they are not going away. Hundreds have been arrested but I think that they are seizing this one opportunity to bond together. I do hope that the 'Stock Exchange' occupation becomes an embarrassing nuisance because it is the only way to shake the 'Political' and 'Bonus' classes out of their complacency.

One day the UK must get back to normal. For that to happen the people must regain control of the banking and legal systems. The EU farce is bound to collapse and then the quangos will fall and the mainstream politicians will all be discredited. It will happen but these Euro/Quangocrats will impose maximum damage before they lose their grip. Already the forecasts are that to save the euro the EU must find two trillion euros to shore it up! Two bloody trillion!!?

Personally I believe that this only proves the extent of the damage that this banking inspired socialist conspiracy will inflict on the young. They must find a flag to rally around. The 'occupy' movement seems to have made its mark and the more bright young people who discover that their fancy degrees buy them nothing but disappointment the better. These are the very people who need to challenge the authorities. They need to get involved and embarrass people like David Cameron and then guess what...the most corrupt Olympics ever held is less than a year away! It could become a battleground!

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SAB said...

Really concerned about this bailout money but don't see a way to stop it all from just going ahead. They're clearly just flogging a dead horse. Another year down the line and it'll need another injection of cash. The sooner the Euro comes to an end the better! scary stuff. More concerned for my son's future than anything else. He's only 10 months old but the future's looking bleak. But as new labour once sang, thing's can only get better... (hope they were right about something then).