Wednesday, 19 October 2011

The murder of Joanna Yeates

Joanna Yeates
I really feel for the family of Joanna Yeates as her murderer wriggles in the witness box. The lawyers are now involved so he can traduce her character but the evidence is clear!

He says that she was lonely and invited him in to her flat. This girl was in a committed relationship and if she had been lonely she could have stayed in the pub with her mates.

He says he misread the signals. Professional, modern, girls like Joanna know precisely how to look after themselves. They are aware of how to position themselves in every situation. Hell since they were kids they have been on the lookout for predators because the law does not protect them so they must protect themselves.

He says he tried to kiss her! Yeah right! He stopped her from screaming by placing his hand over her mouth for about 20 seconds! Yer Wot! She was a fit young girl who had 43 separate injuries when her body was found.  She fought for her life!

Finally this callous, brutal, Dutchman stuck her in his boot and casually went shopping. Is this not the clincher? He had just committed the most foul murder and he went shopping? This is clearly a very strong case for capital punishment. Why expend hard earned cash on a guy who should be topped at the first opportunity?


SAB said...

Yes he has GUILTY written all over him, but no doubt the lawyers would have us believe otherwise. As much as I hate hearing the term 'no brainer'.. it's a no brainer! ... so a good hanging would be in order, but instead we'll spend a sweet fortune keeping him locked up for as long as we can (whilst conforming with his human rights of course, or else he'll be let out early.)

bryboy said...

Yes after all the agony that the family went through someone will look after his human rights.