Thursday, 13 October 2011



The mainstream media are having a field day with the recent reports on the care for the elderly in the NHS. Of course these reports have been ongoing for a decade or more and as yet nobody has found a solution. Every now and then the inhuman treatment of the elderly is raised as an issue to keep people on their toes. Why can't any political party, any health professional, any quango queen or any union official cut through the red tape to establish a code of ethics/conduct/practice which would ensure the safety of our elderly?

Look at the papers today! In one newspaper (The Daily Mail) we have column inches from Dominique Jackson, Julia Manning, the Revd Peter Mullen, and Anna Smith. All approach the subject from different angles but the message is the same. The NHS stinks!

The Daily Express weighs in here.  The Daily Telegraph here and even The Sun has found a slot for the abuse of the NHS oops sorry I meant this link.

So the politicians are well aware of the problem but what have they done about it? When I was recently in Florida we had three party political conferences. All three of our EU supporting parties had an opportunity to address the scandal of the NHS. Now I don't know what happened but did anyone actually mention that we had a problem with the NHS? Did a single politician even hint that they thought we had a problem with care for the elderly? 

When will they address a problem which one day will concern any one of us? Probably not because there is too much at stake for so many of the politicians. The NHS is just one of the modern day scandals aimed at enslaving the people. It will only be solved if they are swept away but that will take time and effort. That should be the goal of us all!

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GrumpyRN said...

I would love to say to you that this is made up rubbish....... but sometimes I despair of my profession. I can only hope that in the majority of cases it is untrained people who are causing this and not registered nurses.