Sunday, 9 October 2011

Police brass...again!

I could not believe this story about the top police brass called in to carry out 'an international crime fighting mission' in Grand Cayman. What a ridiculous indictment on the culture of the top police brass. How come that every time they have 'an international crime fighting mission' then it is in the Caribbean?  Look at them! Now I do realise that in every job people need 'down time' but when we were in Northern Ireland in the seventies and eighties we were never all off duty at the same time.

These top officers have demeaned the police service. They have been made to look ridiculous by their complacency and arrogance. If they really were competent police officers then surely they had seen the press presence? What a trio of wallies! Back home within the force they will never live this down.

They went on 'a jolly' at public expense but had the idiocy to announce beforehand that it was 'not a jolly'! What planet are these people on? The very minute that the Chief Constable of Merseyside announced that he was swanning off to the Caribbean with a couple of police mates they were a target. The minute that he announced this trip the entire press corps must have been alerted that a coup was on the cards!

I cannot believe that they allowed themselves to be photographed... but then what else can you expect from people who are cushioned by their allegiance to the Political and Bonus Classes.

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