Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Dale Farm

Well it has taken ten years but at last the police have begun to evict the gypsies from their illegal camp at Dale Farm, Basildon, Essex. What I do not understand is the sympathetic tolerance which the mainstream media applies to these people.

The bottom line is that they built an illegal camp on green belt land. I couldn't do it so neither can they! Somehow however, these people have been able to fight eviction for ten years? It is an astonishing trail of legal wrangling and of course somebody has made a packet out of it.

I think however, that it goes further...they are called 'travellers' but don't want to travel. Everywhere they settle, even for a few days, the local area is trashed. They always manage to generate amazing amounts of foul smelling rubbish. Their children and animals are invariably feral and crime statistics rocket!

Generally speaking the British people are fairly tolerant but anyone encountering these instantly recognizable charabancs fears the worst. The gypsies are 'takers' they never give anyone anything and just 'take' what they need. I would happily see all of them back on the boat to Ireland and then we will only have to sort out their Rumanian counterparts currently featured on BBC trafficking children so that they can beg on the streets of London. Lovely people!


SAB said...

What a superb post! Had to laugh! Agree with it all though. Why don't these so called 'travellers' sod off back to Ireland and make a mess there? Some of them caused chaos in Long Eaton last week by parking up at the back of a large town centre car park. They were eventually moved on by the police, but by then the town was gridlocked as the alternative parking spaces were non-existent. Nobody in their right mind would have parked in there! Oh and they also left behind their trademark smelly pile of rubbish which will no doubt cost us taxpayers a pretty penny to clean up, not to mention the lost revenue from the pay and display. The words worthless, useless, thieving and scumbag instantly spring to mind.

bryboy said...

Hello SAB, I have know idea who who you are but tks for your continuing interest. I often wondered why they were so persecuted in Eastern Europe... and now I know why! They have just discovered a soft touch here and have transfered their affections. Everywhere else they get jailed!

SAB said...

It's Simon Butler from your NLiTec days of yonder. My father is a UKIP supporter , so I guess over the years some of his many rants about the general state of things has rubbed off on me. Anyway, i've come to enjoy reading your various posts about current affairs. Keep up the good work :-)