Thursday, 6 October 2011

Printing money...again!

A few years ago I read that Zimbabwe had ruined their economy by printing money. It is called 'quantitative easing' but that is just a posh name for downgrading the value of a country's money. Today the Bank of England decided to print another £75 billion to pour into the economy in order to 'steady the ship'.

OK I am not a high finance expert. I am a very low finance expert because I don't owe a sou to anyone now that my mortgage has been paid. I recognise the value of being able to afford what you want. When my wife and I first got married we had second hand everything. If it was cheap it was ours and because of that we balanced the books. When I came out of the services I was offered double the value of my mortgage but my inate caution told me to take what I could afford in the worst of circumstances. As a consequence we are solvent.

Today the politicians and bankers have created a second or even third generation who believe that when they spend money they do not actually have in the bank then it is irrelevant. It doesn't matter because they will face the consequences sometime in the future. This attitude has almost become a British culture.

Today on the flight back from Orlando I read that we had far more Generals and Brigadiers than battle tanks. Our total battle tank army could probably be commanded by a half decent Warrant Officer so why have we got so many parasitic brass. Similarly in the navy the Admirals outnumber the ships so what do they do? They are the people who have allowed the politicians to shrink the services so why do we have that number of high maintenance top officers?

This is always the problem. We have created a culture which protects a number of people who earn huge salaries but never ever contribute to the economy (some would call them quangos). These are the same people who harangue the welfare contributions to the sub underclass from the council estates because they claim benefits. BOTH are a burden on our society. When you have been educated at the best schools, supported throughout by a society which will favour you because you speak nicely, your friends speak nicely, your family speak nicely then is it not time that you challenge yourself?

The unfairness in our society is that we have politicians, bankers, unions and countless faceless powers (ie the EU) who do not want to change this ludicrous imbalance. We have hordes of well spoken toffs and hordes of cockney speaking union bosses but very few people who are actually batting for the working class. Sorry folks but this is my socialist background seeping through.

We should not be printing money we should be protecting what we earn. We should have political parties that understand budgetry. All of our leading politicians have been born with a privileged background or have bullied their way through the unions. Where is Keir Hardie when we need him?

(By the way if you have never heard of Keir Hardie then this blog is not for you) BUT...just google him and then reread my post. Believe me Ed Miliband, Ed Balls, Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, Peter Mandelson, Harriet Harman are not Socialists... they just hijacked the party which was meant to represent you and me!

In the meantime...I am off to bed jetlagged!

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