Tuesday, 1 November 2011


The indigenous population in this country have quietly witnessed a huge immigration scam organised by the socialists some ten years ago which has changed the face of many of our large cities. Hundreds of thousands of immigrants have been allowed into the country unchecked and unmonitored. For five years I worked at an Asylum Appeals Centre and I was staggered not only by the numbers involved but also how so many people centred around the Home Office were committed to maintaining the flow. These people included senior civil servants, politicians, judges and educationalists.

The flow continues and it will be no surprise to discover that no attempt has ever been made to round up illegals and send them home. Only the BNP have ever promised to tackle the problem and yet all these people are clogging up the systems that the British pay for through their taxes.

They are filling our houses, schools, hospitals and prisons and still they are allowed to pour into the country through the many loopholes created by the Home Office. The largest appears to be the student visa scam where anyone can apply and nobody bothers to check the validity of the application. Pay the money and you are a 'student'.

At long last Sir Andrew Green the Chairman of 'Migration Watch' has launched an E-Petition aimed at giving the people a voice on the problem. I really do not know how effective this will be but if we don't sign it we can't complain when our kids are disadvantaged by a torrent of incomers. You can sign it here.

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