Friday, 28 October 2011

The European Union

I have recently E-mailed my MP  about the three line whip that was imposed on her and almost everybody else at Westmonster. I have expressed my concern about the mounting public protest against the EU. I concentrated my efforts on the reported fact that the EU had not been audited for '14' years.

I challenged my MP that she supported a publically funded organisation which could not pass an audit and I described it as 'illegal'...she responded that the EU was not 'illegal' but 'not in compliance with the law'. I wonder how long an organisation can be not in 'compliance with the law' before it can be deemed 'illegal'?

I have since 'googled' the actuality and it does appear that the mainstream EU central body has had its accounts signed off. The problem however remains that money allocated to member states still disappears into a huge black hole. They can account for their own EU expenditure but unfortunately they have no control over the billions that they distribute to governments through various channels.You know the type of money which funds crackpot quangos! Nobody can account for this money which is a disgrace and definitely 'not in compliance with the law'.

The response from my MP was courteous and prompt but I expected her to question me! I wanted her to be knowledgeable and accurate but she tended to agree although not sufficiently to make her defy the PM. I believe that she is probably a decent MP but I want leadership. I want independent and aggressive leaders who will challenge the corruption that is endemic in much of the EU. Until we get a free vote on this issue we will never get answers.

The public inherently know the answer. The public are not wrong. The British public know that these cheap bunch of eurocrooks have hijacked (with the complicity of the banks) every western economy and that is why we have such a major problem. Their response appears to be to pin their hopes on the Chinese and then announce some jiggerypokery with 'smoke and mirrors'.

I do still fear that Merkel and Sarcozy will defend the euro to the end and that means far more damage than most of us will find acceptable.

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