Tuesday, 4 October 2011

The European Union

Anyone who has regularly drifted past this blog will know that I am an inplacable enemy of the EU conceptI am not against a free trade link between European countries but the original concept of a 'Common Market' has long since been corrupted by evil politicians for their own ends. I have constantly criticised the apparent inability of anyone to audit this financial hotch potch considering the huge sums of money imposed on member states. This is public money and yet all our leading politicians refuse to yield to demands for open accountability.

The problem with Greece is building! It is clear that no matter what amounts they pour into the abyss the Greeks cannot change their lifestyle to meet their debts. Most of us know that the euro is doomed but the politicians cannot bear to admit that their venture has been a socialist inspired disaster. Most of the major players have never had a vote cast for them.

The article that I have referred to attracted some interesting comments. A broad brush resumee of those comments illustrates that the British thinking public have not been fooled. We know that these politicians have been following a flawed financial plan which relied on massive public funding and no accountability. ALL of our leading politicians have supported the EU so ALL of them will one day have to answer to the public.

The problem is that unless it happens very soon the money for our services, our pensions and our future may have disappeared down the same black hole that has already claimed the futures of Greece, Ireland, Portugal and probably Spain and Italy.

In the United States the public have begun to fight back. The jails are full in New York but it won't stop them. The politicians cannot control the social networking sites that are building the momentum. When it happens I believe that our world will change very, very quickly.

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