Monday, 17 October 2011

Education again!

Of all the problems that face our benighted country I still believe that our disastrous education system needs the most attention. Since the closure of the excellent grammar schools almost every route to the top has been closed to the council estate kids. It is ironic that the grammar schools were destroyed by the socialists you know the very people who purport to represent the working class (Ha!).

Today I stumbled across an article by Milo Yiannopoulos who I must admit was unknown to me. His Greek surrounding name belies his mastery of the English language and he has penned a superb account of the problems that have beset our education and the reasons for them. He lays the blame for the demise squarely where it should lie.

He also wants right wing journalists to shout LOUDER and start to confront the loony lefties who have been proven diastrously wrong on every account of public service. He wants the right wing politicians to stand up and represent the public! The public majority want an end to mass immigration, they want the death penalty for heinous crimes and they most definitely want an end to the 'Brussels nonsense.

Why do we not get a debate on these issues? We don't because the socialist bullies tell us that we can't have one. The left wing bullies just shout louder than everyone else. They have almost closed right wing opinion down. People are scared to say that they oppose the socialist point of view because of the abuse they must suffer for expressing an alternative opinion. If you don't believe me just watch John Prescott in action when he is told that he is wrong.

Mr Yiannoupolos is correct. We must begin to fight back and should we not begin the fight by backing Nigel Farage who consistently confronts all and sundry on the issue of the EU. He may be a one trick pony but it is the first trick that we have to trump in order to progress.


Anonymous said...

try seeing it as the establishment sees it,
the schools are working perfectly as wanted to dumb down the people,uneducated people are a lot easier to control then well informed critical thinking people,
if you dont think so you need to do a little more reasearch.

Anonymous said...

Then roll out the mantra that English youth are unemployable leading to more immigration to compensate.

bryboy said...

I agree with you both. The dumbing down of the education process was quite deliberate for the reasons that you articulate. It is further evidence that all the mainstream politicians are in the same camp because nothing ever improves. Each party makes a lot of noise and they tinker at the edges but in the main nothing substantial ever changes!