Monday, 24 October 2011

The Referendum Debate(continued)

This debate which is so close to my heart that I am almost bleeding is becoming passionate. It has become generational. The young turks are defending Cameron (ambition?) and the older disillusioned MPs are defending parliament.

It has been fascinating but the leading players have disappeared. Cameron, Clegg, Miliband and Hague and every Cabinet Minister and Shadow Cabinet Minister have disappeared on this issue. The main players, the people who keep us in Europe, have excused themselves from scrutiny.  They are absent from the debate.

They know that the three line whip  is conclusive. A three line whip decides everything because if you deny it then you lose your political career. You will never progress to a ministerial position. This is the threat because whips blackmail their members.

Tonight 111 members defied the whips and voted for democracy. This is a huge lobby! They are a very powerful group. We lost the battle but then we must win the war. It is crucial to retain our independence and freedom. 


SAB said...

Seems like Andrew Bridgen may have been a rebel. Does that mean he just lost his job?

bryboy said...

Hello SAB...I am always ready to be corrected but I don't believe that he is a government minister. Clearly the rebels will continue as MPs but I doubt if any of them will ever become ministers. In their world it does mean that their political careers are all but finished and many of them alluded to that in the debate. I find it puzzling that some MPs will be excluded from high office because they agreed with their party's election manifesto.

SAB said...

Quite right, he was on East Midlands Today last night talking about it. He is supporting the call for a referendum. Nice to see some MP's actually listening to their constituents. I voted for him because at the time I simply wanted the Labrats out before they spent any more money :-) After seeing him on tv last night i'm glad I did now. Just hope in the long term we actually get one before too much damage is done.

SAB said...

I'm not a die hard Conservative supporter by any means, but found this to be an interesting statement by my local MP.

bryboy said...

I almost missed your last two comments SAB and we seem to be politically similarly aligned. Frankly at the mo I can't see who I could vote for. Nothing ever seems to change no matter who is in charge. They never seem to follow public opinion an any major issue. Andrew Bridgen is impressive and I only wish he could convince Nicky Morgan that she should risk more.