Saturday, 1 October 2011

The European Union

I don't know what to make of this report! Surely the majority of the MPs are in favour of the European Union? None of the new MPs would have been adopted by their local constituencies if they had been deemed 'eurosceptic'. Once that has been established a vote in Westmonster about a referendum on the EU is irrevelant so why do it?

I read that only a massive contribution from Germany of £211 billion, engineered by Angela Merkel, will delay the demise of the euro. Most of the experts seem to believe that the euro is doomed so why continue with this useless exercise. I cannot believe the German public are not rioting but then I suppose we have the same disease.

Next week is the Conservative Party Conference. I suspect that it will be an opportunity to see if there are any true blue Tories left. We have yet another ridiculous edict emanating from the EU threatening our welfare bill. It is high time that someone forcibly said 'No' and where better to start than at a Conservative Party Conference!

The EU is finished! It was a stupid socialist idea from the onset. The only question that remains is how much money will be squandered trying to save it? I would like to bet that it will be epic!

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