Wednesday, 26 October 2011

The European ever!

What a mess the Eurozone is! None of the southern European states appear to be solvent. Greece, Spain, Portugal and Italy seen incapable of good government. It is clear, even to an ignoramus like me that the European Union is bust. Germany alone is keeping it afloat so the only reason that it has not been dissolved is personal ambition.

Our mainstream politicians, who have all linked their careers to the useless EU, are now groping around hoping for a solution to their financial problems. IT WILL NOT HAPPEN! Greece is bust and they must look after themselves. In my opinion so is Spain, Portugal, Italy and Ireland so what is left? Once again the socialist experiments have failed so why do they keep happening?

Who is behind this rottenness? Well of course it is quite clear that the banks are the villains. The banks lend the money to the politicians. This blog has for the past three years been pointing the finger in the direction of the history of the Rothschilds. They clearly are the villains and tonight just now Nick Leeson (remember him?) is on Newsnight declaring that when government finds a good regulator/auditor then they are immediately employed by the banks.

Our politicians should listen more to Nick Leeson. He fouled up once but he is clearly a very switched on guy.

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