Saturday, 1 October 2011

Protests in the USA!

Just in case the mainstream media is not actually reporting the world news I thought that you might be interested in this...? There have been extensive protests in many cities in the United States against the non tax paying activities of the corporate bodies (doesn't that ring a bell?).

The crux of the anger surrounds the bailing out of the banks with public money and the subsequent lack of response from the banks with regard to job creation (doesn't that ring a bell?). The American news programmes keep mentioning the problems in Europe but behind it all is a fear that the United States is also going broke.

When you see the crowds at the Disney theme parks and the adjacent more independent fun sites it is very difficult to believe that there is a problem anywhere! The world seems to congregate in Orlando. The Floridians are celebrating the onset of 'fall' which means the storms disappear and the temperature drops to a manageable 85 degrees! How do they cope when they travel abroad?

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