Monday, 3 October 2011

The choice is yours folks!

The protests in the United States are becoming serious. Hundreds have been arrested in New York and the protests are spreading! It has the potential to be become a serious embarassment to the Obama government if not a downright threat. This is a massive country and it would appear that a popular movement against the bankers, the speculators and the politicians who have brought about a collapse of the economy is under way.

Typically however, the bankers continue to 'rob' the public and only today the CITI bank have proposed the introduction of a flat 15 dollar a month charge on debit cards. The only way that one can avoid this charge is predictably to be rich, well rich enough to maintain 6000 dollars in your current account.

I always believe that what happens in the USA soon spreads across 'the pond' so what will we see first? A popular movement of the people or the introduction of a monthly charge on your debit account?
As a popular game show once said 'The choice is yours folks'!!

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