Thursday, 13 October 2011

Lawful Rebellion

Way back last March a few hundred of us descended on Birkenhead to 'arrest' a judge and publicise Lawful Rebellion and the British Constitution Party. Since then things have gone pretty quiet in that direction and there is always plenty to blog about elsewhere.

Recently however, Captain Ranty has been confronting all and sundry proving that what we know as the law today is in fact not actually legal. I do not pretend to understand all the aspects of his 'Lawful Rebellion' but somehow he and a few others have rumbled that we, the public, are being conned rotten by the politicians, the lawyers, the police and worst of all the Queen!

Everything that we held dear is in fact a mirage. The few that have the courage to challenge the myth with their real version of the law seem to be winning. Well at the moment they are winning because I suspect that the authorities do not want the publicity. I know from personal experience that if you promise to meet them in court and they know that you mean it then the charges get dropped!

I don't know if Captain Ranty has family attachments. I know that my family would probably go ballistic if I went on a one man crusade to challenge the law so I appreciate his courage because what he is doing is for all of us.

His blog is really worth a visit because it will open your eyes! Scroll back to his confrontation with the police and then read forward to how he treats Debt Collection agencies (and read the comments). Then just have a look around you!

The public are being kept in the dark. Thousands of people in authority must be aware that this monumental fraud betrays our nation particularly with regard to the Queen. I still find it difficult to realise that she has been complicit in it. What did she have to gain and who was in a position to force her to renege on her Coronation vows? If anyone can submit an alternative opinion I would be pleased to hear it.


Captain Ranty said...


Thank you for the link.

Yes, it is an unholy mess, isn't it?

Friends of mine who know a great deal more than I do tell me that Her Maj may well be in the dark. For decades she has relied on "her favourite cousins" (4 or 5 Peers of the Realm) to give Royal Assent on her behalf. If they steer her wrongly, they become "evil counsellors". This, naturally, removes all blame from Her Maj.

It doesn't change the facts though. She has betrayed us all. Thousands of times. It matters not to me that she didn't do this of her own volition: the facts remain.

I am married with two boys. One is almost 23 and the other almost 16 (both birthdays fall within the next three weeks). The boys think what I am doing is cool (their word, not mine) but my wife of almost thirty years is very worried. She thinks that I am poking a vicious dog in the face, and she thinks they will "come for me".

Maybe they will. I do not know. I just know that I cannot, and will not stop.

My course is set.


bryboy said...

Tks for the fullsome response CR. I can relate to the feelings of your wife because I get the same at home. My wife is convinced that some of my views will lead to 'charges' and I am not even qualified to play in your team! One can only hope that your 'Awkward Squad'will continue to resonate around the blogosphere. My admiration is guaranteed!

calvi36 said...

Hi bryboy, I am a brand new shiny visitor to your blog which I found via Captain Ranty's blogroll. I really like the articles that I have read through so far and I shall continue reading!

Like the Captain I am fighting the bastards head on and I have been doing it for over six years now. I am also ex military like you guys and it amazes me how many military and ex military guys and girls are "waking up" and saying enough is enough.

I have not paid income tax in two years and not paid council tax in four and a half years. I use their statutes against them and not once have they managed to get me in court as I always make sure that any proposed court action is nipped firmly in the bud.

The key to stopping them proceeding is to have a good understanding of their statutes and this takes a massive amount of research but it is certainly attainable for the average Joe.

Peace and respect to you bud and many thanks for and excellent blog.