Sunday, 23 October 2011

EU Referendum

It is now becoming clearer to the public at large what I have been blogging for the past three years. Our three mainstream political parties are as one on the most important aspect of our political future.

They are absolutely determined that we will continue to be ruled by the unelected European commissioners and judges and nothing will dissuade them to allow the public a vote on this issue. I wonder why?

If the EU is so good for us, if our economy would be devastated without EU support or if Europe could not manage without British membership then why do they not go the whole hog and adopt the Euro?  Why are we not full members 'leading the way' with France and Germany?

Someone is pulling their strings and most of us know it. This has been a huge con trick perpetrated by the Political Class on the Paying Class. We have paid billions over the years into the EU coffers and we have no idea how it is being spent. There is no accountability and no audit so the money just disappears in a huge black hole. This is the organisation which they all support regardless of party.

Listen to all the principle players rabbitting on about it 'not being the right time', 'changing it from within' or 'the ruination of the economy'. It is all rubbish! They are bricking it that their little plot has been rumbled. They know that the British public inherently dislike EU involvement in our lifestyle. They also know that if they gave us a sniff of a chance we would be out of the mess in a jiffy!

It will happen one day and it will feel like D Day all over again. Tomorrow is just a skirmish. They will win but it does prove that if we ever want a referendum we....the public....will have to force it! We must ask questions of our MPs, put them on the spot and force them to explain why they just fall into line once they enter Westmonster.

I have already asked my local MP why she supported a socialist organisation (the EU) even though she stood as a Conservative. I received the usual pre-prepared letter which was, in my opinion, arrant nonsense. I have now asked her why she supports a political alliance funded by public money which cannot be audited? No doubt I will receive back another turgid excuse but I will bang on about this for ever because is is illegal damn it!

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