Friday, 21 October 2011

The Politicians's Promise!

Do you know that the trouble with modern society is that when these abysmal politicians want your vote they will actually say anything. They will lie and double lie. They will promise you the earth and they actually have no intention of fulfilling their promises.

However, in the modern era they are filmed and their lies come back to haunt them. So when they appear with their convincing sincerity in 2009 and you listen to them today it kinda makes you lose faith.

It happened with Tony Blair. When he first arrived on the scene with his 'sincerity' act almost everyone thought he was wonderful. We were soon betrayed by the false sincerity and today nobody believes a word that he says. 

Fast forward to David Cameron who is also a wonderful orator! Everyone worships his delivery but if we can find one example when he is tripped up by his own charisma then would not his credibility take an incredible nose dive? He is the one mainstream politician who is preventing the public a referendum on the EU.

So Captain Ranty looked back into history and found this Youtube example of the duplicity of the leader of the Coalition. Now if you  remember Nick Clegg also 'promised' a referendum on the EU then you will recognise that both Coalition leaders promised us a referendum on the EU. The EU is the cross on which all the lying politicians will eventually flounder.

You see the EU is an enormous lie. It is a corruption. It cannot even face an audit, never mind pass one. The commissioners are all incompetent socialists who have just spent money in order to pacify their greedy, ignorant supporters. That is the reason that the euro is in such turmoil.

Every country has overspent in order to maintain popularity. The major Rothschild banks just lent them more and more and they spent it. Now we have the amazing prospect that every socialist government in countries like Greece, Portugal, Spain, Italy and yes even the UK lost their moral financial compass and spent like kids in a sweetie shop. 

Now they are trying to find a way out of the mess and frankly they have not got one.   I don't even believe that Germany can cover this debt! So what happens now? Well I can only speculate because while the politicians refuse to bow to the inevitable it is inevitable that we the people will continue to pay through the nose.

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