Thursday, 20 October 2011

Economic War??

Vince Cable has just said live on ITV News that we are waging an Economic War! He did not say who the enemy was but hinted that it was the energy companies and the banks.  Is it not time that our politicians started to represent the electorate?

We are a very rich country and yet our politicians cannot apportion our taxes in a fair and friendly way. For example we bung billions of pounds towards the African despots, who then buy up the fashionable areas of Paris, but here at home we cannot afford a toilet facility at Dovedale? 

The people of Greece know how to riot! They were persuaded when  they entered the EU that all their problems would be over and the EU would look after them for evermore. They have recently had a reality check. Now they are on the streets because they recognise that their socialist government has spent money that they could not afford.

They are consequently now skint... and now look at Spain, Ireland, Portugal and Italy. All of these countries have spent money that they did not have purely to follow their socialist dogma. Every EU economy has gone bust (apart from France and Germany) because the socialists just borrow money from the banks (run by the Rothschilds).

Vince Cable is correct...we do have an economic war. The problem is that most of our politicians seem to just fall into line whenever the major problems arrive on the doorstep. We are a rich country. The only reason that we do not have any money for the public is that the Political Class, the Bonus Class and the Bankers Class fritter away our taxes. They have an alternative agenda.  

We just must convince David Cameron that so much unaudited money is not healthy to anyone's economy. By the by I will never understand why the Eurosceptics in Westmonster NEVER  question the lack of an EU audit. Nobody ever mentions it!  We can operate outside of the EU and we should do so. Can you imagine if we washed our hands of the EU? No more EU Human Rights, no more red tape, no more quangos and someone who stands up in Parliament and is accountable.

Finally I see that one of the very few men in the world who was not in hock to the banks was today dispensed with...job done then boys. Business as usual and now you can lend the new government of Libya lots of dosh to rebuild the country. Come to think of it where did they get all those weapons...?

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bewick said...

Not quite true Bryboy. ECHR is in fact nothing to do with the EU as such and was started I believe just after the end of WW2.
To be free of that court's rulings we would need to discontinue our involvement and also scrap the HRA.
Alternatively the scope of the Court must be severely reduced and appeals thereto banned except in some very few and carefully prescribed situations.

As for energy companies. I beleve I read recently that their profits were only 2.5% but as usual the meaning of that was not spelt out.
Whatever most companies making so little would be on the verge of bankruptcy. I well remember some 25+ years ago when it was legislated that Local Authorities must open themselves up to competition. In order to compete the LAs had to show that their tender included a "return on capital" of rather more than 2.5%. Exact figure I cannot recall but I'm sure it was at least 5%.