Sunday, 16 October 2011

Royal Wootton Bassett

This is a really nice sentiment and it is entirely appropriate that the people of this small Wiltshire town, that in effect publicised the slaughter of our troops in Afghanistan and exposed the politicians, should be honoured.

It took the local British Legion to honour the lads who had died and in doing so they at last gave those who had sacrificed themselves for their country a fitting homecoming. This was an entirely spontaneous demonstration and NOTHING to do with our politicians. So I ask the question...why has it been discontinued? Our lads and lasses are still at war. They are still dying on the front line. The Wootton Bassett 'experience' gave the families closure... a fitting tribute so why has it been discontinued?

OK the title 'Royal' Wootton Bassett is an honour but then why have they changed the route? If I had a relative killed in action then I would want the RWB tribute. It is a memorable occasion. Are our disgusting politicians who began this spurious war still unable to countenance their disgrace? We should never have gone to Afghanistan and history proves it. It is an alien society which has nothing to do with us and we will never change them.

This was all about neutralising the British Army and taking them out of any future equation. The socialists (and that includes David Cameron and most of his Cabinet) still know that the army will always be Queen and Country before Government! That is the reason that the army is being dispersed year after year.

No other government department has faced such severe cuts. No other government department can waste so much money and still leave their staff so ill equipped to fight a war. I suppose the recent   demise of Dr Liam Fox illustrates the spin and the dishonesty of the defence lobby. The lads on the front line do not deserve such politicians swanning around the world in five star hotels creaming off resources. Fox and his nefarious friends are incorrigible and that is the bottom line.

No wonder they changed the route to Wootton Bassett and then thought that conferring the title 'Royal' to this admirable town would confuse us all. They are actually ashamed of their actions. They hated the publicity of so many killed in action so they dreamt up the honour 'Royal' to persuade the public that they were doing the right thing. Westmonster politicians never do the 'right' thing and the Liam Fox scandal proves it!

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