Monday, 10 October 2011

What is happening to our young people?

Need a lift? A teenage boy carries his drunk friend over his shoulder when she is incapable of walking, while another couple start kissing by a shop window

Now I am no prude, 25 years of army service normally means that one developes a pretty grounded sense of fun and sexual awareness. There can not be a serviceman who who was not aware of the streets of depravity and the 'windows' of opportunity that existed in Amsterdam and most large German cities.

However there is a movement amongst our young professionals in particular which is pointing the British youth in the direction of Caligula! The problem is that most of our young people know nothing about the Roman Empire and their eventual demise. Looking at some of the photos appearing in the press and also witnessing some of the the behaviour of our ignorant young university graduates I wonder what evil power has gripped hold of them?

Some time ago I read a letter from the mother of a university student (a lad) depicting the effect that the Student's Union had on the Freshers. In the very first week they organised piss ups for almost all of the vulnerable. The strong will always ignore the temptation but they are targetting the weak, those lacking in confidence and those that need a guiding hand.

They are intent on breaking down all barriers. Anything goes and the police are complicit. They should be making arrests but when the debauchery is at its height there is not a copper in sight. How can these young people find it cool to lose their utter dignity, their self respect and their moral compass? What do their parents think?

We are ignoring a major threat to the youth of the country. Anyone can ignore the conventional rules of society (and most of us did at one time or other) but not in this mass total disregard for decency!

You see in my total madness I actually believe that someone is directing an absolute breakdown of decency in the country. It has been planned and is being orchestrated. Step by step our kids are being led down a path to the abyss. They have lost all self respect because it is so easy to say 'What the hell, I was pissed', someone, somewhere has got to reverse the trend.

We have leaders like David Cameron, Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg (all supporters of the EU) so just tell me which one of them has shown concern about the behaviour of the young people in Cardiff and elsewhere?


Anonymous said...

Depends upon which "youngsters".
There are the "youngsters" of the type that were killed whilst attending a brainwashing session on an Island off Norway all being groomed as future post democratic leaders or the "youngsters" in the picture being groomed for a life of drudgery and slavery

Tattyfalarr said...

Soma for the masses. Keep your slaves happy. Gods forbid they sober up and wake up to what the governments of the EU have done and will do.

bryboy said...

Tks for your interest guys. I thought that I was the only person who had picked up that the victims of the Norwegian killer were actually on an indoctrination course supported by Norwegian socialist politicians. Our mainstream media just ignored it. The consequences of the EU bailouts could be catastrophic for all concerned. The sooner we sever ties with those nutters the better!