Sunday, 9 October 2011

Dr Liam Fox!

Heh does anyone understand what he has done wrong? The Defence Minister who to me has always appeared a bit weird and clearly has access to so many of the secrets of government. You know like why do we have so many Generals and Admirals and so few tanks and ships? You know little problems that baffle the proletariat but are easily acceptable by let's say...well the Generals and the Admirals!

So apparently Liam Fox has a mate...a good mate because he was 'best man' at Liam Fox's that rules out man on man problems... (I suppose... but then man on man appears to be almost a requirement for political recognition unless it is the other way round).

So what has he done? Apparently the mate concocted a business card which was a bit of a fib...yer wot? How many concocted business cards have forced the Defence Secretary to apologise to the public looking as if he is sucking a lemon? No there is something really nasty attached to this and the Cameron people are keeping shtum. This would appear to be dynamite because the NoLab Shadow Cabinet are almost orgasmic!

No doubt it will break before long as it always does. I always wonder why these politicians are so utterly sleazy but then of course it is par for the course. They are all on a knife edge before they are uncovered. I think we should keep a league table or should I say, a sleaze table, which would be a really fun aspect of a blog. Let me work on that one.

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SAB said...

I see he's just 'resigned' then! ... all very foxy if you ask me. No doubt more corruption and wrongdoing. Nice work if you can get it.