Friday, 28 October 2011

The murder of Joanna Yeates

In the past couple of days we have had two excellent reasons to bring back capital punishment. I agree with the family of Joanna Yeates that the death penalty would be a fitting end for people like her murderer.

Similarly there is little doubt that the child killer Robert Black is a serial killer who has brought untold misery to the families of the victims.

This is another example the the Political Class ignoring the wishes of the public . Why should killers like Tabak and Black be allowed to live out their lives in conditions which many of the elderly would deem as luxury?

Every time I see that smug Justice Secretary, Ken Clarke, blocking attempts to reform the justice system I realise why our kids cannot play safely on our streets. Our kids will never enjoy their childhood while people like Clarke reward the killers and spit on the victims. David Cameron would do well to bin the evil old man.


Mike R said...

Hmm....Think upon the state railroading of the tragic Mr Stefan Kiszko as a paedo/child murderer (his "confession" was forced out of him by the police), and on the many others wrongly convicted of what were once capital crimes.

While "justice" is fallible the death penalty is wrong...though that is not to say custodial sentences shouldn't be longer and life should mean "life", not just a few years.

bryboy said...

Hello Mike, Tks for your interest and of course there will always be mistakes. I believe however that the advances that we have made in phorensic science will greatly reduce the error rate. I also acknowledge that one error is too many but at the moment we don't seem to have any form of deterrent to make these monsters think twice.