Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Yesterday I went GoKarting for the first time in my life! It was an absolute blast! I am normally not a 'petrol head' but I have always been able to drive...almost anything, anywhere, which stems from my very early military career with the Royal Artillery. I was in a Missile Regiment and illegally got opportunities to drive vehicles like a 26 ton rocket launcher (with the missile casing mounted) when my speciality was Land Rover +Trailer!

So when my daughter organised this year's Father's Day present as a visit to the local Go Karting track I expected to take it in my stride. Wow! What a shock I got! These GoKarts fly around the track at between 45/50mph and we got 50 laps! The force on the arms and shoulders was unexpected and the competition ferocious. We flew around the indoor track, screeching round chicanes and hairpins.

I would recommend it to anyone BUT it really is not for the 'old'. I am also supposed to have a heart condition (for insurance purposes) even though I  got a clean bill of health from the specialist. Yesterday I proved that I do NOT have a heart condition of any kind because that was 'full on'.

If anyone has a 'daredevil' relative and they are short of a present then that was a very worthwhile experience. I would really like to know how I compared with people of a similar age. The marketing people should look at that angle.

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