Thursday, 29 September 2011

Busch Gardens Tampa Bay Florida

This is a commercial for Busch Gardens at Tampa Bay! If you don't like unruly children, foul language, drunkenness, dirty toilets, bad food, long queues, surly staff and rotten weather then I suggest that you visit Busch Gardens.

My granddaughters had a ball running from spectacular ride to spectacular ride and having two, three or even four rides without queueing or paying extra. Everywhere the atmosphere is pleasant and I was so impressed that there was not a burger in sight. OK some people like burgers but for one day it was nice to try something else.

The entertainment was also first class and even though I am almost completely theme parked out this was something different. Tomorrow is the day that we swim with the dolphins at Discovery Park. I really hope that it lives up to the billing!


Maverick said...

Yes .. let the unruly children and drunken yobs know all about the wonderful theme park ... next year see above !!!

That's why word of mouth and recommendations are so much better than advertising ..

Anonymous said...

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