Friday, 1 June 2012

What happened to 'conservatism'?

The definition of conservatism is 'opposition to change; a political ideology favouring  preservation and defence of tradition'. I had to check because in recent times many within the Conservative Party are not following the tenets of conservatism. Conservatives should instinctively not want change so if confronted with 'modernisation' which is a euphemism for a change within society they should reject it.

I have recently come across a web site run by the Bruges Group which is a eurosceptic group who keep an eye on the performances of our MPs and how they vote. There is little doubt in my mind that the European Union has changed this country radically and wants to go further. It should therefore be the natural enemy of the conservative.

I was therefore amazed to discover that the vast majority of the MPs who continually vote to support the EU are the Conservative MPs. There is a hardcore of about 100 Conservative MPs who almost invariably vote for anything which would support the EU. One of them is my local MP Nicky Morgan.

I imagine that many of the votes that Nicky Morgan received from the people of Loughborough did not believe their MP had plans to morph into a wet, nearly centre something, with not a hint of conservatism in anything that she does.  I just think that the people of Loughborough should know that they did not get what they voted for! She is however not alone so if you want old fashioned conservatism as defined by the dictionary then your only hope is UKIP and many are turning in that direction.

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