Saturday, 1 November 2008

Derby v Forest

Tomorrow my beloved Rams take on their arch rivals the red dogs from Nottingham. During my last years as a worker I was a Civil Servant at a low level because I was just earning a few pennies before my real retirement. This is how I realised how incompetent the fast tracked Civil Servants actually were. The lower level is actually quite good but after that it is chaos!

During this time I met a guy who is really a soul mate. We are both sports nuts and during our humdrum existence we would chat over our computers. The problem was that he was a F****t season ticket holder and of course that is a real barrier to a friendship. Fortunately we are also sensible adults and so tomorrow we will enjoy the game, text each other with humour and banter throughout the ninety minutes.

Nothing will interfere with our friendship AS LONG AS DERBY WIN!!!

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